Yiwu Towels Market

Yiwu Towels Market

Location: 3rd Floor, District 4, Yiwu International Trade Mart.
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00, except a 15-day close down during Spring Festival.

Towel is people’s everyday use product, the suitable kinds of towel can let your life be more comfortable. As in the small commodity area, the towel market also performance well in the super big market.

The Yiwu towel market is also inside Yiwu International Trade Mar. It’s on 3rd floor of District four. The towel wholesalers in Yiwu International Trade mostly are the well-known manufacturers and brand name product from Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Gaoyang, etc. 80% of the towel comes from Gaoyang, Hebei Province, 80% reliance on foreign trade.

The variety of the product includes towel series, kerchief, kid’s kerchief series, bath towel series, pillow towel series, toweling coverlet series, towel gift box series, sand scarf series, cake towel, compress towel, kitchen towel, etc. Also, some kinds of towel that have the foreign order style, the material should be 100% cotton, bamboo fiber, bamboo carbon fiber, superfine fiber.

Yiwu towel market is also a creative market, we live in a world that the ideal changed quickly, sometimes we need fresh things to make our life more beautiful. The towel industry is still the same, the manufacturers need to develop their goods using different new idea, the cake towel is a very good example here, the creative modeling & style let it be popular in the market so fast. Lots of customer’s are interested in this product, good idea is so important here in Yiwu market.

The female market to be the key point. At present, the mainly buyer of the daily use is the female, so the major task of the towel market selling is to satisfy with the female customer’s requirement.

Quality standard is everything. We advocate environmental product, many factories made the towel stand out the products’ environmental protection & safe. The “environmental, health, comfortable” is the standard, the strict control from the raw material to end product, to ensure the towel’s quality well.

Welcome to Yiwu Towels Market!

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