Yiwu Gloves & Mittens Market

Yiwu Gloves & Mittens Market

Location: 2nd Floor, District 4, Yiwu International Trade Mart.
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00, except a 15-day close down during Spring Festival.

Yiwu gloves and mittens market are mainly major in the 2nd, floor, district 4. Yiwu Gloves industry is also a very strong industry, it’s a kind of representative small commodity in Yiwu market, and the gloves market can go well in this time, it all because of the Yiwu small commodity market.

Now in Yiwu, there’re more than 1000 gloves manufacturers, the worker is over 46,000. The quantity of the glove knitting machine is more than 20,000 sets, import machine is about 8000 pcs. Many styles of the gloves can be found here, female glove, male glove, children glove, other like the fashion style glove, leather glove, disposable glove, work glove, household glove protective gloves etc. The material in Yiwu Gloves & Mittens Market also has variety of the kinds, such as cotton yarn, leather, latex, steel wire, knitting, rubber and so on.

Original we thought that the glove is a kind of small accessories in our everyday life, maybe the production can be easy, actually the glove manufacture is colorful. The “Yiwu Glove” gives people the impression of the manufacture strength, in 2006, the Yiwu glove industry association founded, the association is trying to improve the Yiwu gloves core competitiveness. The well-developed situation indicates that the association is effective.

To build the brand concept. In a market, the brand effect is powerful, maybe the same quality, but with a famous brand, a big difference will appear. So we sell the glove, not only the goods itself, but also the additional value. Here the loudly brand in Yiwu should be “Yiwu Glove”, like the small commodity attracts buyer from all over the world, wider market, better sell.

Welcome to Yiwu Gloves & Mittens Market!

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